Ok so I am a way too busy Family Physician in Melbourne Australia.  I am currently Chair of the Women In General Practice Committee of the Victorian RACGP.  I have worked in a variety of locations which you can see on Linked In.  I am active on Twitter and interested in technology as it relates to health.  I am prone to an occasional rant so the picture of me with a thistle is probably appropriate.  I welcome respectful debate as it contributes to the Science and Art of Medicine.  I am considering further study although this is by no means a given.  Music, Humour, my family and walking my dogs keeps me sane. (possibly)

I view cats with suspicion.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. It was difficult to find your site as I was looking for something under “Ordinary Lives, Extraordinary People” when I read the post “An Umbrella on The Wind” but that site showing as a WordPress site doesn’t seem to exist. Is this the correct site here? I enjoyed the reading of this post.

  2. Hi Dr Price
    I am a producer at Channel 9. I am looking to get in touch with you re a possible media opportunity.
    Could you pls contact me on 02 9965 2498 or via email ghay@nine.com.au.
    Kind regards

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