Your Medical Records Exposed… Confirmed!

Great thoughts from David Dahm on the opt out issues related to the My Health Record. The ethics on the consent processneed to be examined very closely imho. Not withstanding the secondary use of your private health data does not have a framework around it as yet. Consent seems therefore flawed.

David Dahm

As I predicted in February 2016, your personal health record is being exposed, with or without your full knowledge. The Federal Government’s new $2bn national patient electronic health record system rollout is at full throttle.


This potentially means others have electronic access to your mental health, drug and alcohol abuse, sexually transmitted disease, domestic violence, and other sensitive information.

Do I opt out?

We have a saying’ ‘if in doubt opt out’. Indeed, you may wish to do this, but only after you have thoroughly researched how this may affect you or a loved one.

If you have any doubts, you need to opt out now before the three month deadline or an automated record will be created for you.

If you do opt out your records will not be deleted if you have opted in by default or with your permission – see Opt-out e-health records won’t be deleted

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