My first blog – look out world!


Will you sit idly by and let this world go to the dogs?  Well I won’t.  I know we are all on information overload, with thousands of issues, causes and opinions competing for attention, shocking images flashed before our eyes before we can look away and paid advertisements, it can be difficult to know where you stand on important issues.

Information is not knowledge.  I’ve started this blog so that I can independently share my personal views and partake in social and political commentary on what is happening in Australia and the world.  I hope my blog may tease out some of the underlying tensions around what we hear and see and be useful in my quest for a better world, a more humane and caring society and social policies that work on the ground.  Feel free to join me.

Those of you who know me, will understand why I am a big fan of social media.  For…

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Warning: Dear patients, you’ve been targeted!

Primary care works.

Doctor's bag

You've been targeted

The co-payment is coming back. Australians will have to pay more for a visit to the GP or specialist. The freeze on your Medicare rebate means you will get less back from Medicare. It is expected that many practices will stop bulk billing. Join the ‘You’ve been targeted’ campaign and let your local member know that you oppose the freeze on your Medicare rebates.

The Federal Government is reducing its investment in your healthcare by freezing your Medicare rebates. This means your Medicare rebates will remain the same until 1 July 2020, despite the cost of delivering healthcare services increasing (see graph below).

The freeze is a co-payment by stealth and the Government has implemented this measure to reduce the amount it spends on all Medicare subsidised services, including general practice services.

Your health is important. Please do not let the freeze on your Medicare rebates stop you from seeking the healthcare…

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