Our Health Funding – being gamed or are they just incompetent?

Great blog from Thinus Van Rensburg.
The circus of stupid in health care funding.

Dr Thinus' musings

Health funding in an acute care setting, especially in a Primary Care setting is always an challenging situation. Bringing small business owners, entrepreneurs, corporates and non-medical stakeholders interests together and then expecting Public Servants to make sense out of all the issues was, is, and always will be, a dog’s breakfast.

General Practice has always been an easy target for the Bureaucrats when they needed a scapegoat. The Public perception of rich greedy doctors is an easy myth to perpetuate despite Medicare’s own statistics showing that Total Professional Attendances had increased by a mere 6% over the last calendar year.

The focus in the media has also been on bulk billing rates and no amount of factual information seems to shift the public perception. The belief that a Standard Medicare rebate for a GP with ten years of formal training should be less than $ 40 is ingrained and seemingly…

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