The Benefits of Social Media

Great reflections from a Melbourne Surgeon on Social Media mainstream. Now it’s not about What is it? Now it’s about How do I use it?
Get going technophiles and lovers of collective wisdom. Happy New Year 2016.

Eric Levi

cropped-photo-11.jpgSocial Media will no longer be a fad very soon. The Tipping Point has already been reached in many industries and mainstream media. The healthcare industry, as always, is a little slow on the uptake, but I do strongly belief that in the next few years we will see clinicians on social media as the norm and not the exception.

Social media will indeed be normal mainstream traditional media. It is going to be another acceptable method for delivering news, opinion and statements. In the past people used to look for official Media releases from reputable news sources. Nowadays, people simply go to Facebook or Twitter to get their news.

Since I completed the Mayo Clinic Social Media Residency, I have had time to think about my social media experience. I have had some time to distill the three purposes and benefits of social media for me as a surgeon.

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