Legacy and Mentoring Advice

This is a blog I was asked to write for a wonderful organisation called  Level Medicine.  From their web page
“Level was founded by a group of Sydney University medical students in 2015 as a forum to discuss and advocate for gender equality in medicine, and also to provide a place of inspiration for women in all levels and disciplines of medicine.

Gender in Medicine. Should we talk about it?    It provokes such passion because as I see it we all suffer with gender stereotypes one way or another.  Men suffer and Women suffer and those who identify as neither suffer.  In Academia and Research,  bias is discussed all the time  why not in the practical space and workplaces of Medicine?  That means examining our own selves more than accusing our colleagues.  Reflection.

I hope this piece pitched at those much younger than me helps to inspire in some way any of those who might need some perspective.

You can read how I managed to fall down many times along the way and how important it is to have that vision of your values to get right back up again. How important it is to work together and network for difficult goals. Its all right   Here

Of course it might not be for you so I encourage everyone to write your own unique story.  KP x


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