E-health: The Saviour of the frail and the elderly – or not?

So tragic what is happening to primary care in Australia. This is what taxpayers should know about the waste of their money. Away from primary care away from nursing away from community health supports and into the pockets of petty useless bureaucrats.
It is unbelievable that both sides of politics are so ignorant of the benefits and strengths of primary care that they seek to bring the WORST of the UK system (petty bureaucracy) and the WORST of the USA system (private & corporate insurance)

Meanwhile on of our great colleagues is out showing off our primary care standards to Japan who want to emulate our world class system.
Taxpayers should note that both sides of Government care not one whit about standards but Australia’s General Practitioners do. Watch this space. It may well turn out that future young Doctors will shun careers in the greatest discipline of them all primary health care.
It’s happened in the U.S. And it’s happening in the UK.
Appalling and patients are already suffering.

Dr Thinus' musings

As both a dedicated Family Physician (aka General Practitioner) and a self-taught computer Nerd I would love to believe that the future would have us use technology to improve the care of our patients and especially those who are disabled, frail and/or elderly.

If one could believe the medial releases one would like to think and say that this is the aim of our Government when they implement various e-Health programs such as the PCEHR – unfortunately this appears to be far from the truth as their agenda and methods indicate either sheer incompetence or perhaps even a more sinister hidden plan.

The Elderly

Elderly patients have multiple challenging issues and each town, district and city have systems that assists them in receiving these services. This ranges from getting Aged Care Assessments (without which they cannot enter a Nursing home) to getting home help with eating, showering and so on.

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